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Maria Inc. 1 Publication


Emilie Hallard

Les corps incorruptibles

35 euros (shipping fees not included)
500 copies
Black and white soft cover with sticker
23 x 29,5 cm
Creative Sand and Coral Book
Silvia Renda / Radial Radiant
Digital Retouching
Rémy Moulin
Kali Sudhra and Claude Lemaire
Prepress and Printing
Nova Era
Judith Butler, Antonio Centeno, Virginie Despentes, Jean Kilbourne, Daria Marx, Erin McKean, Elvira Swartch Lorenzo, Nicole Seck and Julie Rambal

It’s 2020 and our bodies are still political.

The 21st century still drags on with the same beauty standards of the last century. Those of a young, white, thin, ethereal and heterosexual woman. Beauty, or rather a  woman’s first commercial asset; is a passport to a happy marriage, professional success and social recognition. Both women and men are bombarded with an infinite amount of photoshopped images, which has alienated them and also driven them on a search for ideal beauty. This claustrophobic and impossible standard has only lead us to eternal comparison, frustration and levels of self-hatred. A blinded population starved by its regimes, which becomes terribly tractable and obedient.

Refusing the norm is to choose, as from the vulnerable side as the enthusiastic one, to be incorruptible, faithful to oneself, honest, punk in front of a capitalist system that fathers monstrous children of uniformity and consumerism, all made from the same postcolonial and patriarchal mould.

The artist refused the norm. She cherished and desired bodies of all ages, sizes, genders and colours, with intent to deconstruct beauty standards, beginning a quest for honesty, empowerment, acceptance and self-confidence, while gathering the words of her peers and taking a tender look at them.

These incorruptible bodies are a celebration of the diverse, the unlikely, the ambiguous, the androgynous, the non-obvious and the non-binary.

Les corps incorruptibles is a feminist, queer and anti-racist declaration of love.


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